Brief Explanation of Ariadne

  1. Introduction
  2. Data and Parameters for Ariadne Search
  3. References

1. Introduction

Accumulating evidence shows that diverse types of RNAs generated from non-coding (nc) regions of the genome play pivotal roles in a variety of cellular processes, such as chromatin remodeling, transcriptional regulation, precursor mRNA processing, gene silencing, centromere function and translational regulation. Many RNAs suffer chemical modifications including methylations after their transcription. Some of these post-transcriptional modifications (PTMs) play important roles in RNA structure / function.

A work flow similar to bottom-up proteomics is used to identify / characterize RNAs and their PTMs by mass spectrometry, which includes (i) RNA separation and purification with various methods, (ii) nucleolytic fragmentation of sample RNA with a sequence specific RNase such as RNase T1, (iii) liquid charomatogarphy (LC)-tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) of the resulting fragments and (iv) analysis of the MS/MS dataset by manual and/or software-aided procedures.

Ariadne, a unique web-based database search engine avaiable freely here, is designed to help researchers analyze their MS/MS data of RNAs (the 4th step above). The software correlates tandem mass spectra of sample RNA nucleolytic fragments with an RNA nucleotide sequence in a DNA/RNA sequence database, thereby allowing MS/MS-based identification of RNA in biological samples. Ariadne identifies RNA by two probability-based evaluation steps of MS/MS data. In the first step, the software evaluates the matches between the masses of product ions generated by MS/MS of an RNase digest of sample RNA and those calculated from a candidate nucleotide sequence in a DNA/RNA sequence database, which then predicts the nucleotide sequences of these RNase fragments. In the second step, the candidate sequences are mapped for all RNA entries in the database, and each entry is scored for a function of occurrences of the candidate sequences to identify a particular RNA. Ariadne also predicts post-transcriptional modifications of RNA, such as methylation of nucleotide bases and/or ribose, by estimating mass shifts from the theoretical mass values.

We examined the performance of the LC-MS/MS-Ariadne method with a number of applications to identify mRNA synthesized in vitro as well as small and large non-coding RNAs isolated from biological samples. Ariadne is the first genome-oriented search engine for RNA analysis that could be equivalent to the many sequence search engines that are widely used for proteomics, such as SEQUEST or Mascot.

2. Data and Paramerters for Search

Ariadne receives search parameters including uninterpreted MS/MS data, a sequence database, and other parameters in text format from the search form. See details in 'Tutorials' section on the top page.

3. References

Our papers in which Ariadne is reported or used are listed below.

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