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Sequence Size: 75base


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A U A G A U A U A A G U U A A U D G G D A A A C U m2,2G G A U G Y C U U C C i6A A A C A U U G A A U G C G A G m5U Y C G A U U C U C G C U A U C U A U A C C A
RNADescriptionScoreCoverageMatchedSumMatched PositionsMatched Sequences
43_1_75 tRNA | Gly | NCC | Saccharomyces cerevisiae | mitochondrial12.314.736728_30, 45_48, 53_56OH_AUG_p, OH_AAUG_p, OH_(m5U)YCG_cp:OH_(m5U)YCG_p

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