Ariadne: Database search for RNA identification using tandem mass spectrometry data

Ariadne is a web-based database search service for the identification of RNAs and their post-transcriptional modifications using tandem mass spectrometry data.If you include results from Ariadne in a publication, please cite the Ariadne paper.

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How to browse a search result   /   How to set up and conduct a search

You can browse search results of our published data including ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA, microRNA and other non-coding RNAs

Searching an RNA sequence database (up to 20MB) with post-transcriptional modifications using up to 20MB of MS/MS data in Mascot generic format (MGF). A search result is not stored in the server.

Browse search result

A result report can be browsed with 'search ID' issued on the time of search.


The registered user can browse search results afterward as a list.Contact the Ariadne Development Team via e-mail to get your user ID.

calculating mass values of a nucleic acid, its RNase digests and their CID fragments from given sequence(s).

Available nucleosides, linkers, and termini are listed.